Before the Lok Sabha, the challenge of winning the assembly elections in front of Congress

Prior to the Lok Sabha elections, the Congress’s Ashok Gehlot government will have to undergo tough examination in the elections to the Ramgarh Legislative Assembly. Election was postponed due to the death of BSP candidate in Ramgarh seat. Now the seat is to be held early on this seat. It is very important for Congress to win this seat. The number of Congress members in the 200-member house is 99. If the Congress succeeds in winning this seat, the number of its MLAs will increase to 100.

With the support of the National Lok Dal, the alliance will become 101 members in the Congress Government’s house. Simultaneously, if the Congress wins the election, then the party workers will remain enthusiastic. The BJP will try to win this election, which will allow the government to cross the day itself. Success in the Panchayat sub-election resulted in some enthusiasm in the BJP. BJP got 6 seats and Congress got 4 seats in Panchayat by-election in 10 seats. In this view, the election of Ramgarh is going to be very interesting.

Congress and BJP’s new faces in the ground

From Ramgarh, the Congress and the BJP have thrown new faces into the ground. The Congress has fielded the wife of National Secretary Jubair Khan, wife of Safia Jubair Khan, three times MLA from here. Jubair Khan lost the last two elections consistently. The party has given a ticket to his wife by cutting a ticket for Khan under the new formula. The BJP also cut the ticket of Gyanadev Ahuja, who won two consecutive elections and played a stake on Sukhwant Singh, who was heading from Laxmangarh.

Ahuja was rebelled by this decision of BJP However, the party has suppressed their opposition by making the state vice president. Giandev Ahuja wins two times from Ramgarh seat. Earlier in 1998, Ahuja was also a legislator. But, this time the BJP cut off their ticket. At the same time, Jubair Khan was also a Congress ticket from 2003, 1993 and 1990. They had to face defeat in the last two elections, 2013 and 2008. According to the information, in the 14 elections, from 1951 to 2013, the BJP has won four and the Congress has won 10 times here.

The election will be announced soon

It is possible to announce the dates of elections on Ramgarh seat this week. The State Election Department has sent information to the Election Commission of India and two possible probable programs. There are 19 candidates in the field already. Only the BSP has to take its candidate. Other candidates will remain in the same field who had earlier filed their nomination papers. BJP state president Madan Lal Saini says that in the Panchayat sub-election, the BJP has been ahead of the Congress. Now Ramgarh will win the elections and then will wig the Paracham in the Lok Sabha too.


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