One eye: Top-10 courses in the highest demand in 2018

This year, the trend of students was seen more towards New Age Courses, The courses of AI, ML, Data Science and Digital Marketing can be considered at the top this year. However, this is not the only thing about this year. The next year, they are also expected to have their craze. One look at those courses, which was the highest demand in 2018 …

If there is one of the most discussed jobs in the year 2018, then it is Artificial Intelligence (AI). From manufacturing to software companies, e-commerce companies, mobile companies and medical diagnostics etc., the demand for this skill information was seen on the whole. Assuming a report, the Ai Engineers offer a huge package of up to 70-75 lakh rupees annually in top companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. According to a report from NASSCOM, about five lakh jobs were reported in AII and ML in 2018. It’s working professionals show the most interest in these courses for their re-skilling. Computer science, IT, to do courses in Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Must have a degree in mechanical, electrical, electronics and instrumentation. This course is being offered in many IITs institutes nowadays.

Data analytics

These days Big Data has become very useful for business companies around the world. Through this data, companies can advance faster by improving their sales strategies by predicting them. That’s why this course was also very demanding among the youth. One reason for this is that there is a lot of opportunities due to the skill gap in this field. According Online and hybrid education company A recent study reported in the Great Learning, all the people in this area are looking for a job, double that in the jobs market. Secondly, the demand for data scientist other than India is very much in the US nowadays. Also, it is one of the top high paying jobs, where people get salaries in millions. To do a course for data analytics, it is important to have a background in mathematics, statistics and computer applications. Along with programming skills like Ruby, Python should alo come.

Machine learning

Due to the increasing demand for automation this year, there was also a lot of discussion of machine learning. Today it is one of the top 10 demanding jobs. Nowadays this technique is being used to develop computer programs so that computer-like advance machines can be able to work as human beings by learning things automatically. According to indeed, in 2018, the AI / ML experts have doubly demanded. Mathematics, science and psychology backgrounds are essential for machine learning courses. Courses related to this are being run in many institutions including IIT Kharagpur. Many online courses are also available in machine learning. Google also makes a crash course (MLCC) in machine learning.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is the device that operates from the Internet. Due to the demands of the connected devices connected to the Internet across the world, IOT Engineers’ gadgets are asking for a lot of companies. It is estimated that in the coming days as more devices will be connected to the Internet, its knowledge base will increase the demand for programming, designing and hardware manufacturing of these devices. Experts believe that students who are from electronics, electrical, computer science, mechanical or communication backgrounds will have great potential ahead of them.

Digital marketing

Due to the coming of social media these days, digital marketing is being given a lot of emphases. All the marketing plans for companies are being prepared to keep in mind the social sites like Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. Therefore, this year also there are demands for professional companies such as social media managers and online content creators. One of the reasons for the attraction of youth in this course is that it has been seen as an earning field for the past several years, wherein the beginning, these professionals get salary up to 30 to 40 thousand rupees. 10th and 12th can pursue young digital marketing / social media marketing courses, which are currently being offered mostly online.

Accounting and finance

Like the last two years after GST (Goods and service tax) has been applied, this year also has the highest demand for chartered accountancy. Apart from this, professionals doing courses like Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Administration and Computer Accountancy also received a large number of jobs. According to an estimate, about 10-12 new jobs came in the year 2018 due to GST. Actually, under the new tax regime, every trader with more than Rs 20 lakh turnover has to go through the GST process every month, this is the reason why the account experts have been constantly demanding this year. For this reason, students interested in mathematics, analytical and statistical skills are more interested in the courses of finance.


Like in the last few years, there has been considerable demand for trend cyber security professionals in 2018. From IT companies, they got a large number of jobs in corporate companies, law firms, public-private banks, telecom companies and schools and colleges. Given the increasing demand, enrollment in Ethical Hacking Courses was more than 12th this year.


Robotics science

Due to the increasing use of robots for all kinds of small things, this field is also very demanding in the youth. It is expected that as the manufacturing companies will adopt automation, this field will grow and grow rapidly. This is the reason why demand for trend professionals in this area is also increasing rapidly. To make a career in robotics, it is necessary to have a degree in electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, computer science.

Ap development

According to an estimate, the demand for mobile app developers has doubled in the past two years. According to a study, due to the constantly growing market of smartphones, about 40 to 60 percent online searches are being done about the online application development course. Students passing in Physics, Chemistry, Maths from the 12th Century can get B.Tech in BCA or Information Technology.

Fashion designing

This has been an evergreen area for youth since years of continuous innovation in fashion. In this multi-dimensional field, designers and designers of fashion designing and accessories are always ready for designers and fashion communication experts. Due to the increased scope of this, in the year 2018, a large number of youths were interested in this course. Actually, the reason for the attraction in this course is also that there are plenty of opportunities for creative people to explore themselves. Good earnings and fame are so different.

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