Political deal of the general body of the Jail, Kushwaha Bole – Raised Strategy of seats

The Rise of Ranchi (Hospital) in Ranchi has indicated that the political deal of Bihar’s opposition alliance is final. Even if it did not happen, serious negotiations have started in this direction. Laloo Prasad Yadav, convicted in the fodder scam, is recruited in connection with treatment in Rims. Lalu came to meet his son, Tejasiv Yadav and National Lok Samata Party (RLOSPA) Supremo Upendra Kushwaha on Saturday. After the meeting, Upendra Kushwaha gave a hint of this.
Next, leader of the Nishad Union, Mukesh Sahni and Democratic Janata Dal supremo Sharad Yadav may also meet Lalu. It is being believed that the decision will be taken by Lalu from opposition leaders to take the politics of the alliance in the meeting.
Kushwaha said: talk about seats
After meeting Laloo in the media, Upendra Kushwaha said that he got the health status of RJD supremo. They are fine. There was also some political dialogue. Kushwaha said that the component parties of the Maha coalition will fight unitedly. The strategy of one seat has been made. Not all representatives of all parties are present, so it can not be disclosed. When all the parties will be together, information about this will be given.
Increased seat sharing pressure in the alliance
It is believed that after the formula for the seat sharing formation in the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), the pressure has been increased even in the general body. Lalu Prasad Yadav has adopted the strategy of ‘Wait and Watch’ to say ‘Kharmas’ after finalizing seat sharing, but pressure politics has started. In the past, the supremo Jitan Ram Manjhi of the Hindustani Awami Morcha (I) has expressed dissatisfaction with the NAGG as the ‘Nagnath’ and the great alliance as ‘Sampanath’. Such a decision seems to be necessary.
Component Team Component of Coalition of Maha Coalition
List of component parties of the Maha coalition in Bihar has increased to 11 One or two claimants are still out. Trying to mix all the horoscopes. It is believed that all parties’ claims are ready for the seats. Today’s conversation is being considered as important.
Lalu will take the big decision
It is believed that the RJD and Congress will fight in the main alliance. Here, Ralospa has four to five seats and we have three seats. Nishad Union leader Mukesh Sahni is also adjusting. There is also Sharad Yadav’s party. Indeed, it is a big thing to carry small and large parties together in Bihar under the umbrella of the alliance. It is not seen in anybody other than Lalu Prasad Yadav. Lalu, who plays the role of Big Boss in the alliance, will make a big decision.
Ananth Singh’s issue may be final
There is also a debate about the involvement of Independent MLA Ananth Singh in the Maha coalition. Both Lalu’s sons themselves have different opinions on this. Lalu’s eldest son, Tej Pratap Yadav, has said that he is welcome if Ananth Singh wants to come in the RJD or the Maha coalition. On the other hand, Lalu’s younger son, Tejshi, told Anant Singh about his no-entry stating ‘bad element’. Naglani of Ralppa, who joined the Maha coalition, said that Anant Singh should be given a place in the main coalition. Today, Lalu can decide on this issue in Ranchi.

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