PUBG Mobile Vikendi Map: Take care of these 5 things while playing

PUBG Mobile Vikendi Map is built for Android and iOS users. This new map is part of the PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 update. It also offers many other better features on the platform. PUBG Mobile vikendi snow map comes with snowmobile, new Weapon (G36C Assault Rifle), Snow Fight etc. At the same time, in the new update, PUBG Mobile Players will get the Outfit Box III (7d) x1 and 1,888 BP on downloading. In addition Eruel Spawn Island will be given a new display to Crew Challenge Winners. That is, the users who have won the PUBG Season 1 will now play on Spawn Island.

5 things to keep in mind when playing PUBG Mobile Vikendi Map:

1. Players for Balanced Gameplay will be able to matchmaking from players of similar rank to other players.

2. In this the cheating fixation has been improved in advance. In this, if a player catches another player while cheating, he can report it. However, the option of the report was also earlier. But now the new report option has been introduced. Also, if a user is leaving the match repeatedly for some reason then he has to pay additional penalty.

3. New materials will be provided in the lab to upgrade their weapons.

4. Snowmobile will help users to move around or go around the map. At the same time, the second vehicle can slip on the surface of the word.

5. Players’ best result in Crew Challenge will now be shown. Plus players will be able to take all the Daily Mission Rewards together.
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