Triple Talaq Bill: In the Rajya Sabha again the government will try to bring the bill, Opposition united

In the Muslim system, the bill, which can be classified as a crime under three divorces. It can be presented again in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday. The government was unable to present this bill in the Upper House due to the disruption in the House.

While demanding an amendment to the three divorce bills, the united opposition is firm on sending it to the Select Committee. The NDA government is not ready to change the bill passed by the Lok Sabha. In such a situation, the government will try to present the bill again but considering the proposal to send 13 parties’ bill to the Select Committee. there is little scope for passage in the Rajya Sabha. The opposition has termed the opposition’s stand in the government to pass the bill.

What is the government’s plea

The government wants to pass this bill in the current form itself. Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad says that if there is any suggestion of opposition, the government is ready to discuss, but as humans, this bill should be passed. They also accuse the opposition of doing politics on this bill.

The demand of the opposition

On the other hand, the Opposition is stuck on the demand for some amendments in this bill. Anand Sharma of Congress converts this government on the opposite politics of the bill. Sharma says that Congress is not opposing the bill but the Rajya Sabha is not a rubber stamp. If the Lok Sabha does not discuss flaws, then this House will not have to go on the same path. According to Sharma, the flaws in this bill should be discussed and this bill should be sent to the Select Committee for the time being. This demand of Congress is also getting full support from other opposition parties.

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